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    Cherry, Raspberry...

    Guigal Côtes du Rhône Rouge, 2019

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    Plum, Raspberry...

    Vieux Télégraphe Télégramme Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 2020

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    Cranberry, Redcurrant...

    Frankland Estate Isolation Ridge Mourvèdre, 2021

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    Cranberry, Black Plum...

    Jericho GSM, 2020

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Buy Mourvedre Online  

Ready for a flavour journey of a different kind? Step right up and meet Mourvèdre, the grape that's a bit of a mystery, but an absolute delight once you get to know it. This one's the life of the party—dark, juicy, and bursting with character. 


A Grape with a Dark Side   

If you're into reds that pack a punch, then look no further. Mourvèdre is known for its deep colour and complex flavour profile—think dark fruits, like plums and blackberries, with a kick of black pepper and maybe even a dash of leather (yep, you read that right). It's robust, earthy, and just a little bit untamed. Ideal for those cosy nights in or heart-warming feasts with loved ones.   

The Globe-Trotting Grape   

Originating from Spain but making a name for itself in France (and let's not forget its cameos in Aussie and Californian vineyards), Mourvèdre is a bit of a globetrotter. Whether you're keen on Spanish Monastrell, French Bandol, or even an Aussie interpretation, we've got a Mourvèdre that'll tickle your fancy. Trust us, this grape gets around—in the best way possible! 


Blend or Star Solo—You Choose   

Love a good blend? Mourvèdre is often seen hanging out in GSM blends (that's Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre for the uninitiated). But it's not just a sidekick; this grape can hold its own in a solo act too. We've curated a variety of bottles, both blends and single-varietals, for you to explore and adore.  


Pairs Like a Dream   

If you're the type to wonder, "But what do I eat with it?"—we've got you covered. The rich flavours of Mourvèdre go down a treat with grilled meats, barbecues, and hearty stews. In the mood for something plant-based? A mushroom risotto or a lentil curry will lift those complex notes right to the forefront. 


Ready to Dive In?   

So, what are you waiting for? Dive on into the delicious world of Mourvèdre. From full-bodied French classics to intriguing Aussie newcomers, the limit does not exist. Go on, explore the range, and get ready for a flavour revelation. Cheers!