It’s Friday night, and the weeks stresses have vanished. Which cocktail are you sipping?
Flick on the kettle, we’re making tea. What’s your go to flavour?
Do you prefer a rich, intense wine, or are you more the easy sipper?
Lighter bodied Full bodied
Now let’s have a fruitful discussion. Which two options would you choose?
A good gin and tonic is on your mind. What's your garnish of choice?
Sweet or sour, baby?
Sugar Overload Sour Lemon
How much would you typically spend on a bottle at your local?
How committed are you?
How experimental are you when it comes to wines? (middle will be a mix of conventional and natural)
Keep them Traditional El Natural
What’s your style? Let’s create a pack with the perfect blend.
What’s your charity of choice? At grapeful, we want to raise awareness for Mental Health, so 5% of your purchase will go to your selected charity.
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