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    Alfredo Maestro Tejero Vina Almate Tempranillo, 2020

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Buy Tempranillo Online   

So, you fancy a wine that embodies the spirit of a flamenco dancer and the wisdom of a centuries-old olive tree? Well, look no further. Tempranillo, Spain's star grape, is a fiesta in a glass and we're here to give you the grand tour!  


From España with Love: The Origins of Tempranillo   

A Tale as Old as Time   

Ever wondered what Don Quixote was sipping on as he battled windmills? Odds are it was Tempranillo. This grape has been gracing the vineyards of Spain for centuries, particularly in the iconic Rioja region. It's got history, it's got swagger, and let's not forget—it's got taste.   

The Jet-Setter Grape   

While Tempranillo might be synonymous with Spain, it's also packed its bags and flown across the world. Nowadays, you'll find it mingling in vineyards from Argentina to Australia   


Flavour Fiesta   

The Taste Tapestry 

Imagine plucking a ripe berry off a bush, then adding a dash of spice and a sprinkle of earth—that's Tempranillo for you. It's a blend of everything nice, without the sugar and spice. 

To Age or Not to Age?   

Ah, the age-old question. While Tempranillo is lovely in its youthful form, it can also age like a fine piece of Spanish art. Oak aging will add an extra layer of sophistication, like an artist adds a finishing touch to a masterpiece. Either way, it's all good! 


Palate Pleasers: The Perfect Pairing Partners  

Tapas and Beyond   

While Tempranillo is a tapas table staple, it's got the chops to go beyond small bites. Think grilled meats, hearty stews, or even a spicy veg curry. It's the kind of wine that says, "I'm flexible, let's eat."   

Picnic Perfection  

Fancy an outdoor soirée? Pack a bottle of Tempranillo. With its laid-back vibe and food-friendly nature, it's like that guest who gets along with everyone, including your cheese and charcuterie spread. 


Ready for a Spanish Soirée?   

Whether you're a Tempranillo aficionado or new to the game, we've got bottles that will have you doing the cha-cha-cha from the first sip. Browse our selection and say 'Olé' to an unforgettable wine experience. Order online today!