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    Lemon, Guava...

    Mount Mary Triolet, 2017

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    Lemon, Lime Leaf...

    Little Frances Semillon, 2016

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    Lime, Green Apple...

    Château Thieuley Bordeaux Blanc 'Generation 3', 2020

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    Lime, Cut Fennel...

    Vanguardist Blanc, 2018

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    Apricot, Mango...

    Italian Plastic Golden, 2022

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    Lemon, Green Apple...

    Yarra Yering Dry White Wine No. 1, 2018

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    Pear, Apple...

    Cullen Grace Madeline Blend, 2022

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Buy Semillon Online 

You might know Chardonnay, that bold and flamboyant star, but have you met its more subtle cousin, Semillon? This is a wine that’s all about elegance and charm, and it’s high time it got its moment in the spotlight.

In a world where the loud and conspicuous often dominate, Semillon stands as a testament to the allure of subtlety and the strength of understatement. It's a wine that doesn’t need to be loud to make its presence known; its quiet confidence and refined elegance are compelling in their own right.

Semillon: A Grape with Mystery and History

Semillon’s story is like a good mystery novel – its exact birthplace is a bit of a puzzle, but that just adds to its allure. What we do know is that this grape has a history that's as rich and deep as its flavours. 

It's been around for centuries, gracing tables from grand castles to cosy cottages, and everywhere in between.

Originally from France, where it was the star in sweet dessert wines, Semillon has journeyed around the globe, adapting and evolving. It's found a second home in Australia's Hunter Valley, where it turns into dry, crisp wines, and let's not forget its key role in the famous blends of Bordeaux, where it becomes part of something truly magical.

A Symphony of Flavors

Here’s where Semillon wine really shines. It’s like a master painter with a palette of subtle flavours. Think of delicate citrus notes like lemon, lime, and grapefruit. Add in some green apple and pear for that refreshing zing. As it ages, especially in warmer spots, it starts to show off with hints of honey and melon. 

And for the finale, a touch of mineral notes – a bit of flint or limestone to keep things interesting. Semillon wine is not about being loud and in-your-face; it’s more like a gentle melody that gets better with every sip.

More Than Just a White Wine

Semillon is a team player, too. It’s not just great on its own; it’s also a key ingredient in some of the world’s most famous wine blends.

  • In Bordeaux, it teams up with Sauvignon Blanc to create those elegant, complex whites that the region is known for.
  • Down in Australia’s Hunter Valley, it joins forces with Chardonnay, bringing together richness and acidity in a perfect dance.
  • And sparkling wine? Semillon’s got that covered too, adding a dash of citrusy zing to those delightful bubbles.

The Perfect Food Companion

Now, let’s talk about food (because what’s wine without a little nibble, right?). Semillon is like the Swiss Army knife of wine when it comes to food pairings. Its crisp acidity can cut through rich, creamy sauces, and its subtle fruitiness is a match made in heaven for lighter fare.

  • Got a bottle of dry Semillon? Think seafood, chicken, fresh salads, or even some sushi.
  • Aged Semillon wine? Bring on the creamy cheeses, hearty pasta dishes, and roasted veggies.
  • And those Semillon blends? They’re ready to take on anything from grilled meats to spicy Thai dishes.

Buy Semillon Wine Today

This is your invitation to head over to immerse yourself in our selection of this versatile and enchanting wine. Semillon is standing by, ready to surprise and captivate you, whether you're on the hunt for something new or looking to discover a new favourite.

As you delve into the world of Semillon, keep in mind that each bottle offers a unique experience. This wine invites you to slow down, relish the moment, and cherish the finer, more understated aspects of life. 

Whether you're spending a tranquil evening alone or hosting a vibrant dinner party, buy Semillon wine and enjoy a fantastic, flavourful beverage.