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    Raspberry, Strawberry...

    Crawford River Cabernets, 2020

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    Mount Mary Quintet, 2021

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    Shobbrook Cabernet Franc, 2021

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    Escoda Sanahuja Nas del Gegant, 2019

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    Yeringberg Cabernet Blend, 2019

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Buy Cabernet Franc Online     

Craving something complex yet utterly approachable? Say hello to Cabernet Franc, the wine that delivers it all without demanding centre stage. It's time to unveil the understated excellence of this delightful grape variety.  


Roots and Routes: Where It All Began     

A French Original     

Cabernet Franc hails from the legendary wine regions of Bordeaux and Loire Valley in France. It’s like the sophisticated cousin of Cabernet Sauvignon, but with a whole character of its own—lean, mean, and packed with green.     

New Horizons     

While France is its ancestral home, this adaptable grape has travelled, settling into vineyards from California to our very own Aussie soils. Each new territory adds its own fingerprint, making Cabernet Franc a true citizen of the world.   


The Sipping Experience     

Herb's the Word     

When you pop open a bottle, expect an aromatic adventure that’s part floral, part herbal. Lavender, bell pepper, and fresh-cut grass, anyone? It's like a stroll through a lush garden, except you can sip it.     

Smooth Operator     

Cab Franc is not one to overwhelm. With its smooth tannins and elegant structure, it's the wine that whispers instead of shouts, making it perfect for sipping or pairing.  


Food Pairings: A Matchmaker in the Glass     

Carnivore’s Delight     

Got steak? Cabernet Franc is up to the task. Its herbal notes offer a sublime counterbalance to the rich flavours of red meat. But hey, it’s not picky—poultry and pork are also in its wheelhouse.     

Veg Out     

If you’re more into greens and grains, this versatile wine is still your guy. It pairs delightfully with earthy vegetables and hearty grains. Think roasted beets or a quinoa salad.    


Ready for a Cab Franc Adventure?     

So, keen to make Cabernet Franc your next pour? Whether you’re just starting your wine journey or you’ve been around the vine a few times, our selection of Cabernet Franc is ready to impress. Browse the collection and order today.