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    Cherry, Plum...

    Bellwether Barbera, 2020

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    Raspberry, Plum...

    Ravensworth Hilltops Barbera/Nebbiolo, 2022

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    Blackberry, Dark Cherry...

    Frederick Stevenson Barbera, 2021

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Buy Barbera Online   

Feeling a little daring? Barbera is like the rebellious cousin in the Italian wine family, always ready to make a splash. Let's dive into the world of Barbera, where every sip feels like an Italian getaway!   

From Piemonte to Your Table   

The Underdog Grape   

Forget the Oscars; Barbera is Italy's unsung hero, especially if you're wandering through the vine-clad hills of Piemonte. Sure, it's not as famous as some other Italian varieties, but who needs fame when you've got character? 

A Global Roamer   

It's not just an Italian delight; Barbera's been popping up around the globe. From California to Argentina, and yes, even Down Under, this grape is making friends far and wide. You could call it the social butterfly of the grape world!   

Behind the Sips: What Makes Barbera So Irresistible? 

Berries and Beyond  

One sip and you're greeted with exuberant berry flavours, ranging from tart cherry to ripe blackberry. But wait, there's more—hints of plum, vanilla, and even a trace of lavender might make a cameo. It's the ultimate ensemble cast in a glass.   

The Acidity Factor  

Barbera's lively acidity keeps things fresh and zesty. It cuts through the richness of food and dances gracefully on your palate, ensuring the wine never feels flat or boring.  


A Feast of Pairings 

Food Truck Favourites   

Barbera's got the vibe of a laid-back food truck festival. It's the kind of wine that would fit right in with a menu that flips from pulled pork sliders to vegan tacos.   

Wine and Dine, or Netflix and Cheese?   

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and chill - Barbera's versatility makes it your go-to comfort wine, The wine pairs well with anything from an artisanal cheese platter to a bowl of popcorn.   

Ready to Be Barbera-fied?   

Convinced yet? Whether you’re an Italian wine aficionado or just in for something a bit adventurous, our Barbera selection is itching to make your acquaintance. Get ready to uncork a bottle and add a little Italian flair to your next meal or hangout. So what are you waiting for? Order online today.